Artist Statement

Form and aesthetics are the founding elements in my slip cast functional ware, and for the last several years I have been committed to achieving a harmonious balance between function, comfort and beauty. This style of modern elegance honours both the essence of utilitarian objects, and the idea of beauty in function. The supple surface of raw, unglazed porcelain engages the viewer to become the user, with a new relationship created through the sense of touch. My pieces are both a visual and tactile experience.

Ideas of strata and landscapes can be affiliated to my current work. My tricoloured series explores erosion, a subtractive process which reveals hidden surface layers and reinforces the formal considerations of line movement and colour. While my marbling series explores a more fluid and organic line movement which evokes an ever changing landscape each unique to itself, much as the interpretation made by each individual.


For my sculptural work, I explore similar ideals held in formalism, emphasizing compositional elements such as line, shape, texture and negative space.  By slip casting with molds made from a variety of rubber balls, my series of sculptures address the process of repetition and the transformative powers of working with multiples, along with the new relationships created between each sphere.

I also have incorporated rare earth magnets to my small scale sculptures. Here I am able to explore the idea of a perceived permanence with temporary installations on any metal surface, potentially in both gallery and public spaces.  Tension is immediately created between this fragile medium and gravity itself.